How to choose electric vehicle charger

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How to choose electric vehicle charger

1. Determine the charger output current according to the battery capacity. The output current of the selected charger is generally slightly larger than the capacity of the battery of the electric vehicle. For example, if the battery of the electric vehicle is 12AH, the charger with an output current of 1.8A can generally be selected. If the battery is 20AH, the output current can be selected as 26 to 30AH charger.

2. Determine the charger output voltage according to the battery voltage. Taking a 48V electric vehicle battery as an example, the output voltage of its corresponding charger is generally around 59V; while for a 60V battery, its corresponding charger output voltage is 73.5V. Therefore, when we choose a charger, we must pay attention to the output voltage must match the electric vehicle battery. If the voltage of the charger is too high, the battery will be fully charged, and if the voltage of the charger is too low, the electric vehicle will not be fully charged.

3. Choose a charger with a suitable interface shape. In addition to the current and voltage of the charger, the interface of the charger is also a very important detail that needs attention. At present, the more common electric vehicle charger interfaces on the market mainly include T-shaped prefixes, three-vertical prefixes, middle-horizontal prefixes, and round headers. Users must choose a charger that is consistent with the shape of the electric vehicle interface. .

4. Try to choose a smart electric vehicle charger. If the user does not cut off the power of the ordinary charger, the charger will continue to charge. When the charging time is longer than ten hours, it will cause the battery to heat up, and even bulge, scrapping and other problems. Therefore, to ensure the life of the battery, it is necessary to provide it with a scientific charging current, so the smart charger came into being. Smart chargers can provide corresponding charging modes and algorithms according to the characteristics of the battery, so as to achieve the best charging effect, so car owners should try to choose smart chargers.

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